Using white and cool colours
By creating an intimate atmosphere it allows couples to communicate, show care for each other and open up.

Clutter makes a bedroom uninviting and inhibits the mood for love. Untidiness or clothes everywhere may have leave your partner thinking that you don't care about your love nest when nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets think about how creating a lovely environment in the bedroom can help our relationships leading to more connection and excitement in our lives.

Creating allure in your bedroom furnishings and attention to detail shows that you care. By making a few changes in the bedroom you can help to keep the fun in your relationship.

Basic design guides to enhance the mood in your bedroom including: 

  • Mirrors: These can create decorative effects in their own right. Look for mirrors with decorative painting, etching or mosaics around the edges.
    • Mirrors reflect light and make the space look bigger especially when used opposite windows or doors. This technique is helpful when needing to expand otherwise small rooms.
    • Using mirrors this way will assist if you still have lots of ornaments, storage boxes and furniture in the room to make it look larger.
    • Look for mirrored antique tables or objects with reflective surfaces.
    • Using a number of small decorative ones helps achieve a more intimate space in the bedroom. 
  • Fabrics: Curtains, upholstery, cushions and bedding are all fabulous opportunities for creating the right atmosphere.
    • For that feel of luxury transparent fabrics (sheers) need to be included in either bed covers or curtains. Curtains or blinds can be double layered with one being a sheer to great effect.
    • Fabrics with embossed or embroidered detail can be used to add interest and flare. Use as bed covering, and cushions. Texture works well in throws for the bedroom but not necessarily cushions in this room.
    • Balance is the key here with layering different weights and fabric textures. 
    • The best types of fabric to use for a cool and sumptuous, romantic feel are sheer fabrics (see through). Use them in layers and have the bed looking plump and comfortable with throw rugs, doonas pillows in coordinated cotton prints or subtle jacquard weaves.
    • To create a luxurious and sensual feel use textures like faux fur, velvet, brushed cootons and shag pile, though not shag pile for throw cushions and pillows. The bed doesn't need to be as full as for the previous look because a balance between textures will make the bed inviting.
    • For an opulent and alluring atmosphere use satin, embroidered and beaded fabrics. The fabrics do a lot of work here so the look can be neater and tailored.
  • Furniture Placement: The bed should be placed at the side or at an angle to the door.
    • Looking at the bed directly upon entry is too direct, remember conversations are about the journey.
    • A couch or easy chair and small side table works well for encouraging conversation and connection.
    • A floor lamp with warm coloured bulb is lovely placed next to seating.
  • Colours: I believe colours in the bedroom should be gentle and warm without too many sharp accents. use white to achieve colour contrast.
    • Warm hues which are harmoniously grouped together around the colour wheel, cream to deep red for example help to achive an intimate atmosphere.
    • Black, brown, gold and violet tones can be used to great effect to create beautiful shimmers, and appealing and comforting to a masculine aesthetic.
    • A touch of warm hues in throws or cushions- brown, gold, yellow ochre, deep maroon or deep violet also works well with white. White can be used as the base of freshness, which is appealing for the bedroom.
    • Cool colours, blues and greens although relaxing should be used sparingly as accent colours or in light tones if your goal is to create a cosy space. 

Subtle lighting in the bedroom

  • Lighting: Accent lights are a must in the bedroom.
    • These can be placed at mirrors and headboards where they work well for reading and dressing. Candles and string lights work wonderfully to create atmosphere and romance- make the most of them by placing them where mirrors will catch them.
    • Be careful about too much glare and general lighting where as mood lighting is a lot kinder to our bodies.
    • During the day keep the light soft by avoiding overhead lights.
    • Use warm-coloured globes, the kelvin rating desribes the colour temperature. If unsure you can ask at your lighting store. 
  • Scent: Remember that infusers or oil burners can create luscious scents to help us relax and show thoughtfulness. Choose one to suit the partner you're trying to attract. For example: lavender is relaxing and slightly sweet; Sandlewood is rich and earthy; Bergamot is sweet, fruity and uplifting and is also a relaxant helpful in healing digestive issues. Lemon is light, uplifting and improves concentration.  

Do a little research and find out which one is best. In oil burners you can use one essential oil but remember in infusers will often be a blend of oils.

  • Storage: Remove all daily items like clothes, books, wallets, phones, and keys into organised out of sight storage.
    • Have a few large robes, chests or built-in units if you don't have a walk-in robe for de-cluttering.
    • Draws are good for organising these items, can be easily hidden away to be pulled out when we need them. Avoid open shelving in the bedroom.
    • Blanket chests at the end of the bed. are decorative as well as functional.
    • De-cluttering opens the space visually and allows the elements of colours, fabric and lighting to take effect.

According to relationships counsellor Simone Wiggishoff...

"We humans, as sensory beings, respond either positively or negatively to different sorts of sensory stimuli. A peaceful, soothing environment is more likely to engender positive emotions in people. There is also some suggestion that certain colours and lighting conditions impact people in certain ways," she said.

Having an understanding of design elements in the bedroom created the right atmosphere for winding down and connecting with each other is really important.  In Decorating the bedroom aim for comfort that encourages displays of personal warmth. Utility is reserved for keeping stuff of our daily lives out of sight and neat.