Your spaces are a reflection of your personality and esteem. At A colour ID we believe in using our skills to reflect the themes in your life, the love you have for your home or business and those you welcome into it. Our design philosophy involves concern for our client's wellbeing, putting your lifestyle needs at the centre of the design process encompassed within a holistic view of a person's needs and balancing these within family, community or workplaces. We explain methods and concepts in the design and decorating processes maintaining values of counterpoint, balance and harmony

It is easy to underestimate the influence that working and living in easy or challenging spaces places on our mood, health and life performance. Serena Agius is a trained professional who loves helping people realise healthy, inviting and beautiful planned spaces. We work across a range of residential, community or commercial projects with our broad knowledge of furnishings and interior finishes from local and international suppliers. 

A Colour ID has the skills to realise your vision. We work with you to understand your loves and desires for your newly built, newly renovated home or decorating change. Whether it is to create a design statement or introduce more beauty and ease into your home, clients who have used our services express heartfelt gratitude for the difference it makes to their lives. 

The unique point of attraction to your business is extremely important. At A Colour ID we are dedicated to working with you to encapsulate an interior that is well designed, reflects current trends and your organisational image. This improves your business productivity with ergonomic well being and brand awareness. As a business owner you realise the importance of offering an image the suits what your clients and customers are looking for whilst providing well organised space to work in.